Killer Thriller (From Page to Stage Programme 2023)



Teacher in charge:Ms. Angela Leung & Mr. Steve Wong

Our 48 Form 4 students enjoyed a drama, Killer Thriller, organized by The Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection at Sheung Wan Civic Centre on 24th February. Students were first attracted by a movable two-room office on the stage and eye-catching costumes, and then indulged in a singing performance by two professional Cantonese opera actors. As Killer Thriller was set in a spy war, there were also action-packed fighting scenes and witty dialogues between foes. Actors played vividly and humorously, that made this show captivating. A few students were even invited to act in a kidnap scene on the stage. Audience went wild with cheers and applauses towards the end of this activity.

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