CCE Board Game Café

日期: 2018-10-01 至 2019-05-31
地點: Room 106
負責人: Miss Tseng Yee Ling
活動類別: 學術
With the motto to learn with joy, we would like to make every attempt to create a desirable learning environment for our junior form students, which leads to the introduction of CCE Board Game Café. CCE teachers and students meet up during lunch break to play board games and learn English.There are many interesting board games to test students’ intelligence. To make games more challenging and meaningful, they are required to communicate in English by giving their instructions or responding to each other. Under this joyful atmosphere, they are more willing to express their ideas in English. This is a good step to help them build up confidence and interest in using English.
新界將軍澳調景嶺翠嶺路38號    38 CHUI LING ROAD, TIU KENG LENG NT傳真:22463283
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